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POLYFONT was formed in 1969 by Emile FONTVIELLE who already owned a plywood factory. The principle, of American origin, of covering plywood with glass/polyester was adapted for manufacture using larger dimension hydraulic presses.

The panels manufactured in 1969 were essentially destined for use in the construction of 20 foot and 40 foot maritime containers.

The POLYFONT factory supplied all the European manufacturers of containers of that time.

Since its creation, POLYFONT has always been very active on a European scale and the French market has never accounted for more than 50% of production.

A number of important events occurred during the seventies.

A fire completely destroyed the factory of Hoymille in 1973, but within four months a new factory was producing panels.

At this time the market for containers manufactured from polyester panels was seriously attacked by steel containers produced in South East Asia and India.

Within ten years this market had almost completely disappeared.

At the same time, the uses of polyester panels, such as POLYFONT were starting to be used in vehicle bodybuilding.

From the beginning of the eighties, POLYFONT became known as the generic name for glass reinforced polyester panels.

In 1989 a significant step was taken to develop export markets.

The first commercial agency was created at Bielefeld in Germany, then for the UK market at Hayes, near London following the takeover of Technical Panel Industries, a rival competitor.

In 1991, POLYFONT became a part of the AFE group, a group committed to Total Quality resulting in POLYFONT receiving the ISO 9001 certification in 1996.

At the end of 2002, POLYFONT starts to produce on the continuous line, the biggest investment made in the company since its creation.

Since 2004, POLYFONT has recovered its status of family owned company. The new M.D and also shareholder of POLYFONT, Mr Patrice MURA has, since his arrival hugely invested in the factory in order to comply with the environmental norms and to complete the adaptation of the factory to the new continuous line.

From the beginning, POLYFONT has adapted itself to the needs of its customers and different markets.

POLYFONT sells its products in more than twenty countries and regularly develops new panels to respond to the market.

The new POLYFONT Website was designed to improve communication with our customers and to allow our company to become better known.

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